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The Tools I Use

My personal tool kit for online marketing:

  • Social media tools
  • Content creation tools
  • My email tool
  • Web site tools
  • Course platform
Find the complete list of tools here!

Email Course: Social Media Marketing Basics


4 free lessons straight to your inbox:

  • Part 1: Free social media marketing success - is it still possible without advertising?
  • Part 2: What the heck should you post?
  • Part 3: Why engagement is crucial and how to increase engagement!
  • Part 4: Social media marketing automation: From annoying habits to lifesaver.

Email Course: Twitter Marketing


4 free lessons straight to your inbox:

  • Part 1: How to be valuable - and why
  • Part 2: Get better results with less work
  • Part 3: Step out of the shadow
  • Part 4: Grow your audience = grow your traffic

Email Course: Content Marketing


4 lessons to get you started with content marketing:

  • What’s missing from your blogging and content marketing - and it is crucial
  • How to find an audience for your content: The Importance of Distribution
  • Content creation is such a lot of work - is it?
  • Let's get emotional - what really triggers reactions in content marketing

What Others Are Saying About Our Work

“[...] shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media. In addition, they actually respond to email reactions. Practicing what they preach gives them the credibility edge.”

- Guy Pardon, Co-Founder, Atomikos

"I can't tell you enough how FANTASTIC you are. I'm so appreciative. I've already sent info to friends and family recommending they consult with you because I was so impressed with your tailored approach and your kindness and the completely actionable plan you gave me."

- Sabrina G., Founder

"Digital marketing has never been more important or more challenging. [...] Susanna shows you that there are specific things you can do to get it right on Twitter. She brings a depth of experience to new light, with graceful instruction and uncompromising integrity."

- José I. Rodriguez, Communication Consultant, TedX Speaker